Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You like that?! Yeah, you like that.

Nine days without a post?! My bad. I think last week was spent anxious for MOSI's Return (coming to theatres this Christmas), and this week spent... well... you know.

And let me just say, thank MARY for the Leather Rack [Please use that link at home.] Because before I was able to come across the wealth of things that can vibrate, my kink was limited to weak attempts at dirty talk. How weak, you ask?

Well first off, it has mostly been limited to responsive statements.

Example statement: God you're hot!
My response: ...[long pause]... Um. Yeah.'re hot... too.

Then there were two recent attempts at initiated statements, each of which were confused for attempts at actual conversation. In both instances, all activity stopped and the response came:
Well, yeah. [confused look--as if he had been miscommunicating] I do want it.
or a matter of fact agreement:
Yup. It's tight.

So, like I said, thank you Leather Rack. Now I need some chick out there to hook me up with some no-gag cream and we'll be Real good.

[Did I actually just post this!? Sex positive bad apologies return!]

Shocking post... I love it!
No gag cream... we shall find some over NYE!
Best post ever.

Are you riding to NC with us? If not, don't give him ideas. Condoms, yes, ideas, no.
All you had to do was walk down the hall and knock on your roommate's door if you wanted some... :)
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