Saturday, December 23, 2006

How ya feelin?

Feelin better. Having MOSI here, I usually wake up feeling like this! But even having him around didn't keep me from a harrowing assault of simultaneous shits and vomiting all Thursday night. [I have no doubt that the image of me balanced over the toilet and sink for this ordeal is one that I am thankful no one saw first hand.] So bad was it that I spent Friday morning in the ER, being pumped full of saline and strong anti-nausea meds. He took great care of me and I'm on the road to recover.

[Picture taken at Viridian when A was asked: "How do you feel about the War on Christmas?"]

oh no! did you have food poisoning? i had that once and it is hands down the worst. thing. EVER. i'm sorry babe... hope you are better in time to drink some spiked eggnog. also, pls tell me the food poisoning was not from viridian! i am also a soldier in the war against christmas. happy holidays babe! only 6 days left til the madness begins:)
I was throwing up thursday night too... but mine was from way too much red wine.
Feel better babycakes!
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