Thursday, November 02, 2006

STL with Juicy

Went to St. Louis this past weekend to visit family, and got to catch up with old friend Juicy. Was a blast to see her again, and to see the hair growing back out. Here she is driving. You can't tell, but girl is PREGNANT.
So what did she take me to? Why, the Apple Butter Festival, of course. What did they not have much of? Apple Butter. But that's okay, because that made up for it in stands selling cellphone accessories. It was also jammed (ha!) and off limits to vehicular traffic, so we parked and caught a school bus in. The throngs made me think I was participating in that scene from War of the Worlds when everyone had converged on the small ferry town in hopes of securing safe passage across the Hudson(?). All that was missing, obviously, were aliens. Thankfully, Kimmswick, MO, survived. Despite constantly mocking the locals, I think we had a great time. We even found some apple butter!

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