Thursday, October 05, 2006


No new posts until more people tell me where to go!

I was going to talk about recent concerts I have been to, but now I am boycotted you all. Only ONE suggestion? Shesh. But for interests sake, I'll at least share the artists I'm tracking now to see, see again, or hopefully see in the near future:




I'm most likely in for Sia, Imogen and Ray. I've seen the Bravery before (are they coming?) and would go if it's a smaller venue. I'm also highly annoyed at the lack of Jamie Cullum takers Saturday, but I know you have plans. NHNT. Massive Attack was much fun last weekend though, so we must concertgo again soon. One to add to your list, although you're probably not familiar with them yet: Stars of Track and Field on Nov. 15. Think Postal Service with balls.

As for destinations, I hear that the Outer Banks is a lovely way to ring in the New Year (shameless self-promotion). Other than that, I need to explore as well. Something for '07.
Fuck the Bravery. I saw them back in May '05 at the Bowery Ballroom. They feel very contrived.

Go with Tilly and the Wall and Tegan and Sara.

Personally I'm going to be seeing Art Brut in a couple of weeks at Irving Plaza and Decembrists at Hammersmith.
Try, it's very nice this time of year and there is lots to do.
For validation check out the road.
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