Monday, October 30, 2006

Maize is Indian for Corn

Catching up on the happenings, a week ago we headed to Thurmont "Gateway to the Mountains," MD, for the corn maze you see above. Yes, it was big. Take-a-map-with-you-and-still-get-lost big. And we did it in the dark. MOSI was in town and our competitive streak took over as we quickly began racing through to finish first--so that we might dispatch with some other items on our "to do" list. Save for it commemorating the Civil War, fun was had by one and all abolitionists in our party. It wasn't nearly as muddy as the previous year, but still muddy enough to make me happy I saved my shoes from the prior year.
I love a good maze! October just might be my favorite month. Damn you, November. Damn you.

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