Sunday, September 17, 2006


I'm back! And when not scamming wireless signals in Halei'va, but here in good old DC, Blogger is once again cooperating. So here is the cameraphone shot of us that very first day. Ms. Write Again Soon has a full photo album that is far superior. I will get a digital camera when I am out of debt.

I know I have not said much about the vacation/work trip. Vacationing was wonderfully relaxing, if a bit unremarkable. We both slept a LOT. There were also the obligatory hours spent lying on our virtually private beach reading. I finished my first book of fiction in years--and it was set in a life raft upon the ocean, so it seemed especially appropos for our setting.

The only truly novel thing we did was ATVing at Koaloa Ranch, after a scenic drive across the North Shore. Neither of us having ever been on an ATV, we both know want one. The ranch apparently has filmed scenes from Jurassic Park and Lost, so it took only a little bit of imagination to think we were off hunting dinos--Jurassic Park being the book that introduced me (and a generation of boys) to reading for pleasure.

Work was boring but productive. We were put up in the Hilton Hawaiian Village, a small city of Japanese tourists and honeymooners. Most of our conversation sounded something like:

Ms. WAS: "Everyone think you're a bad husband for not letting me go first."

Mr. BA: "Everyone think you're a bitchy wife."

Ms. WAS: "I want a divorce."

All kidding aside, we were the picture of a great young relationship. And my second tropical vacation as an adult in as many years, and both with girls! After last summer in
St. Thomas I thought maybe the honeymoons would include a boy at some point. I'm crossing my fingers that South Beach in November with MOSI will be the most romantic of the three (and with a B&B booked, how could it not?).

Sadly, it is now back to work for me. Looking forward to finally taking a trip to Pittsburgh to visit MOSI this coming weekend--however there is a lot to accomplish between now and then.


Miss you!! The flight back was very long and very lonely. I would much rather take a nap with you.
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