Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm joining the wave, and have decided to participate in NaBloPoMo and blog this entire month. Yay! Woot! Yippee! Sweet! Book!

I'm not sure what I'll ramble on about for an entire month, and I'm certainly not going to waste a good topic on today--only to go downhill tomorrow--so instead I'll propose a contest of my own:

What is the meaning of the word "book," as used in the first paragraph of this entry?
I'll make dinner for the first person with the correct answer. Mind you, I don't cook. Guesses must be posted as comments to this entry. Yes, it is a flagrant plea for someone to write something, anything, before going on to better written blogs. The correct answer must be posted by, um, Saturday, November 4, at midnight. Yeah, it's only three days. Either you know it or you don't. Okay, I guess "or you figure it out" is a third option.


From Urban Dictionary:

Book = cool: the first option given when trying to type 'cool' in a text message using t9

Am I right?
Seriously? Geez. Stupid internet. I guess it WAS that easy. Now I'll only get one comment. *sigh*
I hate the NaBloPoMo logo with the gun. I am not really fond of the logo with the Yoda either, but at least that one doesn't point a gun in my face. Is this the NRaBloPoMo?
Le sigh. Thank you, sis, for posting to humor me. Jwo, you get reheated meatloat!
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