Friday, October 20, 2006

Red is my Blood

And so upon her request, I blog. I'm seeing MOSI tomorrow night for a maize maze. I also saw him last night, but it was because we got back to DC at 3am. Ug. Today I was exhausted. Drop dead, old man, exhausted. But, I also had an interview for a promotion. Yes, despite blogging over a year ago about wanting to work for DRS, I instead am staying with TCR, and desperately want to be the Project Manager. And I think it is mine. Even though everyone else on the team has applied for it, and is older than me and paid a higher rate. Why? Cause I rock. Give me a few weeks to figure it out.

Otherwise, I am going to pass out now, and wait for tomorrow with MOSI (after convincing DRS not to sue us, for unrelated reasons). Ha! He's so cute, that I'll easily prevail any challenge in the way...

Such an honor to be in a blog title! Good luck with the promotion!!!
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