Monday, December 26, 2005

Just Perfect

Christmas is ending in mere minutes, and I'm here to report that it went just swimmingly. I got useful items for my new apartment, including knife block and bamboo pressed cutting boards. I also took away quite a few gift cards, to augment what has already been a glut of self-driven shopping that overlapped with my Christmas gift shopping. Books were a hot topic this year, which was great. I've never been much of a reader this past decade, and I'm still having trouble getting in to fiction, but I'm all over non-fiction right now. Perhaps I'll start reviewing books like Ms. Write Again Soon.

It was almost going to be a 1960s christmas morning, as Poppa opened up a massive train set, modeled after the Polar Express book (and movie that Momma got as a DVD for us all to watch last night). Alas, when we opened the box, every train car was missing. They sold us the floor model box! At least it was my father and not some 5 year old who might forever by scarred by a cruel jilting Santa.

Time to pack up and head home. Merry Christmas all!

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