Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Marriage's Hidden Consequences

I was engaged in an e-mail string with my fellow Resident Assistants from back in college, when I had to stop and count up the stats. Of 16 of us, at least EIGHT are now either married, engaged, or in a Domestic Partnership (silly gays). 3 of those are with child. WOW. Meanwhile, of my group of 13 from high school, today SEVEN are married or engaged. At least there are no babies there.

How did this happen? These are the people I used to stay up late at night to watch TV marathons with. Now there lives are devoted to their marriage, their children, and their burgeoning families. Marriage's hidden consequence is that the marriage of others tries to make ME grow up! Spouses and children are now of primary concern (not to mention mortgages) before we abscond for an unplanned ski trip or stay out all night tagging post office boxes with our gang sign.

How did this happen!? We JUST got old enough to have good salaries and be able to afford such Tom Foolery! Why did it have to end? And why did every Christmas card I got come from a couple? Not that I'm offended by any of those couples, in particular, because I am not. I just miss the self as the identified unit. What were all the singles out there doing that was so much fun that they didn't send Christmas cards? Why didn't they invite me? [Okay, maybe they did.]

I won't deny that I haven't surrounded myself with a cadre of others to keep me company. There's Grace, TrannieLover, Ms. Blue Like Mine, NYCRouge, and so on. Sigh, all girls! Wait, Mr. A Prize in Every Box!

I have no real purpose here, just a rant. This morning my ex sat down next to me on the subway train. That was a shocker. It was good to see him. We had only time enough for a brief exchange of pleasantries, so it was ultimately uneventful. It reminded me of my future home on the Island of Misfit Toys with Grace, where those that time forgot can live out their last years happily -- hopefully with a mild barbiturate.

Fucking breeders. I'm quickly coming upon three years of singledom. AND now I have the salarly to enjoy it.
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