Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dirty Dessert Patrol

I am feeling good and generous today! This morning, I went to get a breakfast sandwich and had no cash. I went to the ATM, and it was out of order. I looked sad I guess, as the teller simply rang it up and gave me the receipt, with an implicit understanding that I would come back and pay it.

On my way to an ATM and then to grab lunch at the same establishment, I saw a man on the sidewalk who was picking up desserts. I imagine he had dropped the tray and a half dozen had toppled out. Well, I watched him pick them up, and then drop them on the rest! Not wanting to jump to conclusions -- maybe he was returning from an event -- I lingered at a distance. He methodically laid them back out, and then re-wrapped the tray. Finally, a colleague of his joined him, and then walked into an office building. I followed them, but then turned back. Twice, actually.

But I finally got so outraged (I mean, scrap the 6 dirty desserts already!) that I went back, went inside, and found someone in the office. I told him, and he found where the caterers were setting up and beckoned out his colleague. I explained again, left my business card, and went on my way. He didn't ask me to confront them, which was fine by me. At least they knew. "A breath of fresh air" said the first gentleman. I should have said something cliche like "Pay it forward!" LOL.

Now I'm thinking I want to report them to the Health Board or something. Should I go back and find out where they were catering from?

**UPDATE: APCBM - Anonymous Posters Can Blow Me.

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