Tuesday, November 15, 2005


It has been a very long time since I reported on the status of my goals, which themselves were the product of a drunken night (okay afternoon) with Blue Like Mine.

1. Establish a comfortable & organized living space. Date: 8/15, then 9/15
Status: Still at the half way point, I think. Two steps forward always seem to be followed by three steps back. New date: 12/15
2. Continue & fortify my volunteering. Date 7/31

Status: Temporarily Satisfied. I have returned to the food preparation organization I was formally at with a new friend, and I've tried my darndest to do the legal clinic for HIV-related employment discrimination. I'm going to stay at this point until the new year.
3. Incorporate artistry into my life (painting, photography, etc). Date: 8/31

Status: Still need to paint more, and find a photo lab. But no money means I might put this on hold.
4. Weigh 165. Date: 10/15

Status: Success! I hit 165, right around the target date, and am now past it.

New Goal: Weigh 180. Date: 12/31

5. Resolve Buffalo. Date: 8/31

Status: I've grown tired of Buffalo. I deleted his number (AND all text messages with it) this past weekend. Resolved.
6. Restart academic research & writing. Date: Collect - 8/15; Organize - 9/15; write draft - 10/15

Status: Research collected. Check. Organization delayed.

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