Friday, August 05, 2005

F*%# You, You F*%#ing F*%#!!!

Yesterday I was at the gym for my weekly training session (weight gained: 0; time to ramp up the calorie intake), and upon returning to the locker room, I found my locker open.

Now, I'm not going to draw conclusions about fault. I bought a knock-off lock because I was in a hurry. I remember checking it. But what can I say?

Inside, my backpack and pants were missing. I alerted the front desk, and while I started canceling credit cards, they searched empty lockers and trash cans. The bag and pants were recovered (too bad, since the security cameras in the common areas would have identified the culprit), and this meant I got my keys and work security credentials back -- a relief.

Lost: iPod, cash, credit cards, driver's license, health insurance card.

On the upside, I've already rectified most of this. Filed a police report. Cards are cancelled, and new ones are being overnighted to me. Borrowed cash from a friend. Filed a renter's insurance claim for the items and hopefully will get some cash. Put a 90-day fraud alert on all my credit watches (thinking about paying for a 7-year one, what with the Boogie Man... ahem, I mean Identify Theft... out there lurking).

I'm very sad about my iPod, because it was wonderful, and the new ones suck. But the new ones are bigger and in color, so I guess I'll live. I can't afford a new one, but that new credit card will be here soon enough. :) Now I need more space on my hard drive to hold more songs to put on the new bigger iPod.

I'm also going to do some research and draft a letter to the gym. First, I'll thank the very helpful people, who did everything to assist me. Then I'll say that in such a high-end gym, this is unacceptable. There should be surveillance cameras in the locker room. First, its different from a dressing room at a store, because there isn't an expectation of privacy. If I walk around naked in front of a dozen people, I certainly don't care if you have it on tape. Anyone you gave the tape to could just come to the locker room. Second, they could put up a sign, and then keep the system secured so no one has access to it unless something happens, like somebody's stuff is ganked. Someone trolling around the swanky locker room grabbing stuff, going through it, then stashing it in another locker shouldn't be happening.

Put that down for my goal of the day, right after I go to MD to convince them I'm still a resident, so I can get a DL and then take it to DC, just to trade it in.

F*%# You, You F*%#ing F*%#!!!

Dude, that SUCKS. And your ipod too! Thats such a someone stole a piece of your soul or something. Yes, I love technology...
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