Saturday, July 16, 2005

St. Thomas, Day 2 - a little later on

We've had a success in the blank paper procurement priority! After writing this morning, we headed next door, to the Wyndham, for breakfast. First, this involved walking all the way down from our hilltop bungalow. Then, while it was technically "next door," we had to walk on the non-existent shoulder of a narrow two-lane winding road. There is no pedestrian right-of-way here, much to Ms. Blue Like Mine's disgust. The Wyndham compound took some figuring out, as it was a full-on resort, but we found breakfast with a wonderful window-side view of the islands. The buffet was a steep but satisfying $18 each. [I decided that the resort breakfast was a splurge in honor of Signe's matrimony, a whopping 23 months prior. Yes, my bitterness can run as deep as hers.]

Next, we headed out front for the $1 taxicabs that run frequently clockwise on the island in the direction of Red Hook, a quick 2 miles away. Once there, Marina Market provided all our grocery needs, and I think we'll avoid a few meals this way.

The problem with the $1 cabs is that they only run clockwise. A trip back to the domicile would be an excruciating hour. I'm not sure of the time, but everyone agrees it would be prohibitive. Locals suggest a full fare cab return. Why no locals have resolved this clearly flawed system, I don't know. I guess these people are too laid back to find fault with everything. But as BLM might say, "If we accept the status quo, then the terrorists have won!"

At any rate, but a few steps and we'd found our first gypsy cab, offering $5/person back. This was fine, as he drove a brokedown SUV, a nice departure from the brokedown vans. He also took us all the way up the hill to our cabana, all the way chatting in indistinguishable English about what we should do on our trip.

We relaxed on our balcony, watching rain cloud after rain cloud hammer Tortola (BVI) then drift off to the West. Our balcony is so secluded and so high, one could sunbathe in the nude without concern. Well, except as I thought this I looked around the divider for the source of some reggae singing in the distance and peeped on a nude sunbather -- who was at that moment starring directly at me. Doh!

After lunch we went to see Shawn, and grabbed two kayaks off the beach. I got the hang of it, as did BLM, but when another wave of rain appeared in the East, we headed in, a bit battered by rain and wind. Finally, we had daiquiris poolside and I drifted off to sleep.

I think this evening will be a $2.50 frozen pizza, and list refinement. For not only do I seldom vacation, I'm almost never as listless as this with nothing to do. We launched immediately into goals upon our arrival, I'm here paper blogging, I want to track the last two weeks of working out, and I want to start refining my diet.

Thank Allah for this notebook!

Apparently time flies when you're feeling bitter, as Signe's wedding was a mere 23 months ago, not 11 :)
I thought you were talking about the Bureau of Land Management.
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