Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moment of Truth

So if that isn't obvious, I'm home from another late night at work (Goddess, you working past 9pm this week?), and Tivo has sucked me into The Moment of Truth. Before host Mark L. Walberg (ha!) was even introduced, the announcer stated "it is the simplest game on television." WELL, I have to differ. I mean, have you SEEN Deal or No Deal? No, really seen it? Because NOTHING happens. How on earth do they get a full show out of that crap?

At any rate, this is what I do with my life now. Perhaps you can understand why I don't blog so much. Rather, I don't have many observations on life. [Maybe I just don't want to share them with you.]

As for The MoT, what is up with the shock? I mean, they were already asked a bunch of questions, of which the 21 on-air questions were drawn. I suppose it adds some drama, and I guess it is different when you get asked on air. I'm impressed they get people out on stage after doing the lie detector beforehand.

Sorry, its all I got...

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