Friday, August 31, 2007

"Sorry to be of help!"

I have a co-worker who ends his e-mails with this salutation. He said it to my face once, and I think my ears started bleeding. Sometimes, when I read it, I fantasize about throwing him through a plateglass window.

When I got to work this morning, I thought maybe someone had finally done it:

Turns out, the interior window shattered with no known cause, raining glass down on our cafeteria at 1 AM last night. As there are approximately 80* of these looking on to the atrium, it is closed until further notice. View from my cube:
Caption: NOT an exit.

I can't tell if I'm sad I missed it, or sad I wasn't eating lunch under it when it happened. [No thanks to you, Chuck Palahniuk!]

*Correction: There are 314... well, our building alone. This should be fun.

I assume you did a thorough search for Chuck at the bottom of the building where the broken window was? ;)
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