Monday, October 08, 2007

"Good fences make good neighbours"

Weekends, three deep (well, the first two were working lite) have been devoted to my parents mending wall. They didn't get my quoting, but then again, they aren't the recent products of MCPS (okay, and I kinda too poetry twice--they're fault, not mine. Alright, and a third time in college). But yesterday was the capstone to the effort, the crowning achievement of an enlightened society ("like menisa" as Tranny Lover just said to me.)
Just look at that fence. See how it ungulates, plunging as the land exhales. It's a masterpiece, really, and it is not all mine to claim. Yes, Grace and MOSI were both in attendance, a virtual lovefest of suburban bliss, with loved ones coming together to break crab cake and set posts.

We toyed, Grace, MOSI, and I, with following this calling. "We'd have to give up our dreams," MOSI pointed out. But that was a small price to pay, when we realized we'd make a grand a weekend (in our heads). Throw in the lemonade stand we could put out front, and we'd be set. Yes, dreams would be postponed, and repetitive strain injury would pose a serious threat. We were almost sold when a passerby asked if we were a business (of course, he did say we had taken our time), but then we realized Mommy Bad Apologies wouldn't be there to supply constant meals. Meanwhile, and Daddy Bad Apologies really was the mastermind. Really, we were just day laborers.

But a joyful group of day laborers we were.

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