Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh, he's NOT a littering dog!

I'm far too distractable to be blogging. Not doing anything overly interesting at the moment, mind you. Just distractable. For a full explanation of why I don't blog more, please see Ms. Wish to See's explanation from two years ago.

To further complicate posting, I have been stymied by my attempts to share the joy that was Lollapalooza in Chicago earlier this month. In my attempts to keep my posts as image-heavy and text-free as possible, I took several video clips of my favorite performances (Amy Winehouse, Regina Spektor, Daft Punk) to share here. I even kept them at only 30 seconds each, in hopes that I might fit safely under some exemption of the doctrine of Fair Use. Well, before I even researched that, I went to load the vidoes on youtube and was faced with the disclaimer where I had to promise that my video was not, amoung other things, a live concert. Ah hell.

So anyway, I give up. Instead, here is someone else's uploaded compilation of Daft Punk, which my personal bell of the ball:

Also annoying me lately: Wikipedia. So smug and arrogant. I was going to blog earlier this week about how we have rather useless automatic sinks in our new building, which prevent any temperature control. Sometimes it is scalding, but mostly it is just tepid. But then Wikipedia snidely pointed out that I was simply one of the mislead masses:
While hot water may more effectively clean your hands, this is primarily due to
its increased capability as a solvent, and not due to hot water actually killing
germs. Hot water is more effective at removing dirt, oils and or chemicals, but
contrary to popular belief, it does not kill micro organisms. A temperature that
is comfortable for hand washing (about 45 °C) is not nearly hot enough to kill
any micro organism. It would take more than double that temperature to
effectively kill germs (typically 100 °C).
I really hate you, Wikipedia.

So instead, I'll simply report that I am back from Chicago, I had two wonderful visits over the weekend from Rocky (that's MOSI to all of you), and I plan to hit up Pittsburgh this weekend for more. Boston and Philly are on the horizon!

Oh, and happy belated, C-Fab. You puma.

we get better with age, right?
That wikipedia can really spoil a day sometimes
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