Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You won't sound ridiculous if you repeat out loud.

I'm thinking about renaming the blog to FCH Watch. It is the only thing I find interesting and worthy of commentary any more. I'm like the Perez Hilton of FCH, and I make no apologies. With R and El Greg as my couple on the street, I seem to get constant updates: "Creepy guy came out," "I saw two more go in," "He almost touched me!" Walking home last night (yeah, I'm slow, but I still think I broke this story), it seemed FCH might have actually caught fire:
Upon further inspection, it seems they were just hunting for a fire, looking from business to business--like they got called and weren't leaving until they had something to report back. So they checked out everything, and were checking out our local house of ill repute as I walked by:
In other, only slightly-FCH-related news, Saturday morning I stumbled upon my personal field of dreams--an expansive Zipcar lot. Zipcars, so far, have mostly made their habitat in alleyway parking spaces or cheap sketchy lots, preferring to travel in small groups or alone. But now, suddenly, a pride of zipcars have appeared on my block, in a lot doused in You-Can't-Do-That-On-Television green! I'm way too cheap to actually use Zipcar, but after leaving the window down and then brillo-ing off half the paint job of my parent's Toyota Camry (a car so boring, I routinely forgot where I parked it), I might have to start.
And what's the best part? Yup, that's FCH in the background. I haven't thought of any good promotional tie-ins yet, but greater minds than mine read this blog, and I implore you to share your suggestions.

Zip pants, then Zipcar the fuck out!
Wait, the FCH really was on fire? Why'd you end your "FCH on fire?" text with a question mark?!? R and I would have meandered out to have a looksee!
Im down for an fch watch.
I check this blog daily, and couldn't view the post until 8.30...TWO FULL DAYS after you allegedly posted it. WTF?!? That's almost as bad as you skimping on MY blog. Almost.
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