Saturday, June 02, 2007

Green Light. Red Light. Green Light!

As discussed, I have joined a kickball team, including such ballers as Glow, El Greg, C Fab, and Crowl. I kinda hated it, but then I figured out how to kick the ball, and things started to look up. After that, I realized I can score too, and as Mrs. El Greg captured, even look somewhat competent doing it:[If you click on the larger version of the image, it is an amusing inkblot version of me.]

I still can't catch a damn thing, which kinda makes me useless in the outfield, but I still have a few weeks to figure it out. Quick, through balls at me!

Oh, and while I am below average at kickball, I am pretty confident that I am above average at flipcup. Oh wait, my team is SICK at flipcup. Infact, the four listed above are downright menacing, as I don't think I've ever seen one of them miss. Quick, give me a cup with beer in it!

Thanks for the props. I really *AM* more proud of my flipcup prowess than any kicking ability (medium) or catching ability (below medium). It's something I can use year-round. We need to get a few of our comrades up to par, but your contributions haven't gone unnoticed. (You haven't heard C-Fab or me yell at you, have you?)

Welcome to the team!
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