Monday, June 04, 2007

27 Years Later

I spent much of this weekend with MOSI, out at his place. Had a great time, watched a little Shut Up & Sing (Dixie Chicks rock), napped a lot, played a lot. I also worked, which was productive.

Sunday morning, MOSI's shift was cancelled, and he was able to join us at brunch on rainy U St. celebrating El Greg. I love candid photos. Plus, brunch in the rain on a glass rooftop is pretty damn cool.
After a long nap MOSI, TranniLuver, and I saw 28 Weeks Later. Fiddlesticks that was scary! And even scarier when we got home and I spent the whole night obsessing over how to baracade ourselves in from the zombies. I recommend it!

Interesting quote and then two texts from the weekend:

CFab: "Ready? ... 'It's Wednesday!' ... No?"

Greg (Saturday night): "Just saw two dudes come out of the FCH. False!"

Anti-transit Pete Glow Sunday morning: "no really, I loathe metrobus. Still in DuPont"
Me: "The paint store?"

Ha! Well, they brought ME amusement.

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