Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Given enough coffee, I could rule the world.

[author unknown]The coffee club died today. Okay, I'm not good at lying--it potentially only went on hiatus. We hid our beloved coffee pot (look at how sad he was!) in a box in hopes that we might find a way to continue relying on him once we are settled in our new office building.

Still, it has been a long, sad, caffeine-free day.

we have a coffee club too. how government worker of us. do you have a water club too? i draw the line there, it's too expensive. tap water for me!
We have a $3.50 water club, but our coffee club was totally chill. Basically, you just bring some coffee grounds in. New guy usually has to make coffee for a while.

Oh, and then we started making bets to see who had to be coffee-bitch. First it was wether the new guy was gay (I won). Then it ws wether the office busybody would figure out he was gay within the first three months (I won, cause she didn't--he's totally stealth). Now we bet on who is going to make the move and who is going to retire (I think I'm winning that one too, although someone took double or nothing that the reason someone doesn't move is that he dies). We're pretty twisted.

So at the new building: no clubs at all. No water, not coffee. FALSE.
Everything is free here. Starbucks machine, kids. Real Serious. Corporate America isn't all bad.

(Except I don't drink coffee.)
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