Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Picture Book Update

Hi! I am bored to death, so time to share this past weekend with--you guessed it--camera phone shots! Friday night was a birthday party for our Denver transplant. I got no boob action, but this picture definitely makes it look like I did--and that was early in the night. I'll admit to being a camera ham.
The clear highlight, though, was a Cinco de Mayo wedding on Saturday that included a long-overdue reunion with MOSI:
Obviously, we had a great time. But seriously, we went to bed at 2am, leaving the bride and wedding party still drinking in their hotel room--and the bridge beat us to brunch the next morning! Real serious.
Meanwhile, I was getting camera phone shots pouring in from the Kentucky Derby:
Including this one, which I didn't think was very K Derby-like:
So now, I am in Nashville, and my camera phone shots are as boring as this:
But yeah, most of my time here is spent on the top floors of the Sheraton in my room, or the Renaissance in hospitality suites. Industry hospitality suites rule.

I'm home tomorrow, DC. Can't wait to see you!

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