Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chicago Likes it Raw

Chicago Day 2 and 3 went well. Day 3 was alcohol-consumed, so let's flash back to Day 2 and Grace making it green at the Lincoln Park Conservatory:But the real entertainment? The widespread animal kingdom lovemaking at the Zoo:
What took the cake were the Francois' Langur, and their flagrant "grooming":
Mr. Langur was definitely a fan!
At this point--I'm not going to lie--I was missing MOSI.
Nothing brings teenage boys together more than photos of butt play in the animal kingdom:
Turned on as I was, that ended when we caught this monkey shit in his hand, eat it, spit it on a tree, and then lick it up again:
Day 3 update shortly...

My reaction to these pictures (in order of appearance)
Haha! Turtle Sex!
Hrm... are they...
Is he rubbing his nipple?!?
Double Yikes.
Who spits poop? Honestly.
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