Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chicago Capstone

Wow today flew by. So here's a quick (mostly photo) summation of our final full day in Chicago. We made it to the Leather Archive & Museum, so +1 for accomplishing something on our list. Upon being buzzed in, we were greeted warmly and politely asked if we knew where the hell we were.
To see hot leather statutes, of course:
The displays were interesting, but not very photogenic. I found this one humorous, in a display quoting literature on what (and what NOT) to wear:
On to the dungeon, and the swing you know you all wish you had:
That being over, it was time to ride the good ole CTA.
Workin it like a runway:
Margaritas in Boys Town (Sorry Robyn!):
With the land manatee:"please go suck someplace else":
And finally, how we spent the rest of every night--at home hamming and drinking:
Okay, so that wasn't very interesting. But Plizzba and JJ, we had a blast. Thanks so much for having us!


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