Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Acronym is Right For Me?

My life in acronyms continues. As I believe I shared once before, I work for TCR. This past summer I went on a detail to DRS, and asked them to keep me. They energetically said yes, and then sat on the paperwork for 3 months. After that, someone above them sat on the paperwork, then the people above them misunderstood the paperwork, only for the paperwork to finally be lost by yet another level of bureaucracy. So recently DRS asked for my paperwork again. *sigh*

In the meantime, I applied for a job in CRE. This is just upstairs from DRS, and could be interesting. Plus, the people upstairs always seem to be pulling the strings anyway, and I'd LOVE to pull some string for once. So the interview with CRE was this week. I thought I was sly by wearing a suit on Monday (not my interview day). On Tuesday, I left my suit coat in a different office. On Wednesday, I wore a suit as well. But instead of throwing them off, my office director asked if I was interviewing for jobs. *doh* So I told him yes. As if I wasn't stressed by being one of 26 candidates for a position, now my boss knows about it.

Well, if that wasn't reason enough not to blog, today the shit hit the fan. My direct supervisor, the Team Leader, got another job. Absolutely awesome for her. Not so good for me. I am already backlogged with work, and now I get to be the Acting Team Leader, except at half the pay. This also means that I could apply to be Team Leader -- and who knows, maybe get it!

So, I have several irons in the fire, but I also have the work of at least two full time people to now shoulder on my own, meanwhile "leading" a team of which I am the youngest and, except for one, newest member.

Oh yeah, there'll be LOTS of blogging in the near future.

Oh you KNOW that you love acting as a Team Leader :)
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