Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Heart Straight Men

Okay, not all straight men. Straight men are as varied and diverse as gay men. But this past weekend reminded me that a serious quadruple shot of testosterone on a regular basis will do everyone good. I guess I just like my straight men.

They have their downsides. They're hairy, they get bad tan/burn lines, their clothes don't match, they're messy, they smell, they're obsessed with women, they think they are way hotter than they are, they have trouble following simple directions, they're distractible, and they are very VERY loud when you're trying to sleep.

But by the end of the weekend even much of that was endearing. They're also refreshingly unselfconscious, considerate, energetic, unrestrained, spontaneous, imaginative, and supportive. And funny. Ridiculously funny. I laughed so hard all weekend. And drank. And sat by the pool for 7 hours while we pissed off the rest of the guests before we endeared ourselves in to their lives. And walked the strip all night in a dress with 4 Navy guys also in drag.

...skeet skeet skeet...

I heart your straight men too.
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