Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Private Success

When I heard of StoryCorps, I knew I wanted to do it and I knew it would be valuable. Now that I've created my template of questions, I'm happy to report its been a success--and it has yet to happen. I just got off the phone with Mommy K. We had an overwhelmingly insightful, probing, and wandering discussion spurned entirely by the prospect of tomorrow's dialogue. I was reminded how great our talks are; and how they aren't frequent enough.

Gems I took away from tonight:
-We don't have a choice in our luck in life, but we do have control over our resillience in the face of adversity.
-That my parents have been calm and unphased in the times that have been most trying.
-That unconditional positive regard is both incredibly hard to master, and incredibly rewarding when it is.
-That love is an act, not a feeling.

A beautiful end to a day that was at first like any other.

Sounds fantastic. I hope you didn't use all of your good questions. Save something for the booth.

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